Rise and fall of the flying Dutchmen


Dutch football has offered the fans of the beautiful game around the world plenty of unforgettable moments over the years, like the iconic ‘‘Cruijff turn’’ – a moment of brilliance by the country’s greatest ever football talent.Three World Cup and one European Championship finals for the national team, and a further twenty one international finals at club level,have placed the inventors of ‘‘Total Football’’ among the greatest superpowers of the sport.A superpower that has been punching below its weight in recent years.In his book Han van Eijden takes a trip down memory lane,scrutinising all those international finals in the history of Dutch football and - in the process-revealing fascinating details about football in Holland.With his thorough research,the author provides an insight in the country’s rise to football prominence and its subsequent decline.A detailed analysis,which is a must read for the admirers of ‘‘Total Football’’:the‘‘Rise and Fall of the Flying Dutchmen’’.